Manie Walker

Aligning your passion and purpose, accelerating your success, and ensuring you achieve your goals.


As your coach, I work with you to help you set goals, increase your self-awareness, and propel you toward success.


Shedding light on the behaviors and attitudes in your workplace, I will assess and address what might be contributing to the relational environment of your organization, and guide you toward optimizing its culture.


From recruitment to retention, communication to leadership effectiveness, I will be there to help you identify and implement strategic improvements to your workplace.

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Manie Walker, over the past year, has coached two senior people, one at Bartimaeus Inc. and the other at Bartimaeus Rehabilitation Services Inc. In both cases the outcomes were measurable – today, they are more focused and impactful leaders. Manie brings experience, competence and maturity to the role and skillfully adapts her approach to meet individuals where they are. I would recommend Manie to any organization where they have senior people moving into new roles that require support, challenge, and honest feedback so they have a solid foundation for growth and success.
- Bill Carty

Chairman and Founder, Bartimaeus