In today’s competitive workplace, every position is crucial. Every hiring decision is important. Hiring the wrong person can cost your business valuable time and money. 

High performance employees are a critical success factor in the profitability of your business — so the first step must be selecting the right employee for each and every position in your company.

That’s where I come in

I have been trusted by leaders across multitudinous industries for their talent acquisition and recruitment needs at the upper management and executive levels. My philosophy is grounded in partnership, creating relationships with my clients so that I might best understand their current and ensuing needs, so that I can serve them today and tomorrow.

Having worked with powerful organizations such as KPMG, Grant Thornton, McMaster University and Manulife Financial, I know that learning about company culture is the first step to defining, and then filling, each required position. I am skilled, instinctive and intuitive when it comes to seeking and closing the right candidate, which leads to the creation and maintenance of thriving, highly engaged teams.

Manie Walker is certified in PXT Select™

PXT Select™ is a powerful selection assessment that helps fill the gap between the resume and the interview. This assessment, which has been used in 42,00 organizations in over 93 countries, provides leaders and organizations with actionable data about applicants in a simple format that can guide you toward conducting better interviews and hiring more suitable candidates.

This tool helps recruiters and hiring managers avoid unconscious bias; with PXT Select™, we’ll stay informed with objective insights, highlight strengths and weaknesses, and identify areas of challenge. It also provides targeted interview questions, and even assists in coaching the ideal candidate.

PXT™ is based on over 20 years of research, and measures the following: cognitive ability, interests and behaviour traits.



PXT Select™ is an online assessment delivered in multiple choice format. It measures the candidate’s cognitive abilities, behaviour traits and interests.

Performance Model Positions


PXT Select™ contains a library of jobs that can be used to assess the candidate, and can be tailored to suit individual job requirements.



PXT Select™ uses adaptive testing, selecting questions based on what it has discovered about the applicant from their previous responses.



PXT Select™ provides interview questions that have been reviewed and tested to help you hire the best candidate; they’re tailored to the candidate based on the individual’s assessment results.

We hired targetHR to work with us to identify a key player on our team. Manie worked with me to identify the needs within our business and then took steps to clearly define the role and the deliverables. Initially, I was hesitant about this — however, upon reflection, I now understand this is a critical step in the process. Her approach was different in that she developed behaviourally-based interview questions with an evaluation matrix that guided our assessment of candidates. Her five magic questions were brilliant and gave me confidence in our final decision.
- Doug J.

CFO, Investment Banking Firm