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How committed are your employees?

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Employees know how the organization makes its money and understand the needs and expectations of our customers.

Employees know how the organization is doing against its’ business plan.

Each employee knows what activities they are supposed to be performing in their job and understand the impact of their day-to-day activities on the business.

The performance of each employee is reviewed, on a regular basis, against our business objectives.

Employees are hired because they have the knowledge, skills and personal attributes required to be successful in our business.

The organization provides and supports training for employees to ensure they have the skills required to be successful in the performance of their job responsibilities.

Employees have the required tools and up-to-date equipment to successfully perform their job responsibilities.

Pay increases are based on employee performance on the job (as opposed to tenure, cost of living, etc.).

Employees are recognized and rewarded for individual success on the job and the success of the company.

Differences in employees are valued and open, two-way communication is encouraged.